About Jewelry


Due to its beauty and value was gold always used for the production of luxury jewelry. It is a very rare metal with unique properties that are used mainly in industry, electronics and medicine.

Gold will never corrode and will never lose its beauty. It is very strong and durable. A foil with surface of one square meter can be produced from a single gram. A wire of 80 km length can be pulled from one troy ounce of gold ( 31.103 grams ).

Due to its high value gold was used as currency and as a tool for storing values ​​in times of crisis. The price of gold rises continuously therefor is gold is also an interesting investment tool.

Pure gold is too soft for making jewelry, so it is combined with other metals . Purity of gold is then measured in carats: 24 carats is a pure gold, 18 carat is alloy of  18 parts gold and 6 parts of added metal ( 75 % gold content ) , 14 carat is alloy of   14 parts gold and 10 parts of another metal. The type and amount of metal also affects the color of gold, such as white or red gold .

Our Lussien jewelry is made from the finest 18k and 14k  gold,which we guarantee with the hallmark and jewelry certificate.