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Carbon fiber

Carbon is the basic building block of all living organisms on this planet as well as the oldest element. Carbon and its compounds play a vital role in the origin of life on Earth, so the carbon can be considered one of the greatest gifts of nature.

Carbon fibers are thin strands of artificial atoms of 5-8 microns in diameter that merge into bundles and then into fabrics.

Carbon is a unique composite material of carbon fiber - as light as plastic but as strong as steel. Strongest carbon is even five times stronger than steel while still lighter than aluminum.

Thanks to its exceptional properties is  industrial carbon used in aerospace,  for its light weight and strength in aviation for aircraft construction, in the automobile industry for manufacture of automobile bodies and spare parts to decrease the weight  and thus to increase the speed of luxury and racing cars, such as Formula 1, Ferrari or Lamborghini. It is often used in the production of luxury yachts as well. The use of carbon fiber is also widespread in medicine. Carbon is non magnetic, chemically resistant, weather resistant, thermally insulating and very lightweight, rigid and strong. On the other hand, it is also very expensive and production is technologically challenging.

The finest carbon fiber with a visible finish has very interesting the 3D effect where the material changes its appearance depending on the angle of light incidence.

For our jewelry Lussien we use only the highest quality carbon fiber produced by special technology much more expensive than industrial. Moreover, our carbon is cut and polished into a mirror finish for maximum exclusive excellence of the spatial structure of the material, so that everyone can enjoy the experience of the iridescent effect of the incident light. 

Its elegant design and unique structure gives a feeling of timeless luxury.