About Jewelry


Beautiful, powerful, charming.

Since ancient times, the diamond was a symbol of beauty, purity, love and wealth. People are seeking after these natural art pieces, they adore and worship it. Diamonds have always evoked a lot of emotions and were shrouded in secrecy and mystery. Diamond is the hardest natural material in the world, that is why it was in ancient times known as "indestructible" and "eternal".

Diamonds are mysterious messengers from the depths of the earth and the imaginary window into history. They were created millions of years ago more than 150 kilometers below the earth's surface thru crystallization of carbon under extreme pressure and temperature.

Diamonds are marvelous treasures of nature. They are very rare and their value is constantly increasing. Therefore, they can also be a great investment. To obtain one carat ( 0.2 g ) , about 250 tons of rock have to be  extracted . Mining is quite difficult and only 50% of the findings is suitable for jewelry purposes .

Raw diamond resembles a piece of glass. After cutting it loses about half of its original weight, but only so it can reach  its beauty and luster. The most common shape of cut is the round brilliant cut. There are many other sanders, which depends on the size and the shape of the diamond.

The quality of diamond is also reflected in their additional properties:

  • Weight
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Cut

Other quality characteristics of a diamond are for example fluorescence or symmetry.

Luxury jewelry Lussien is always equipped with the finest and most beautiful diamonds. Thanks to this fact they are also a great investment. For each jewelry we issue a certificate verifying the authenticity of the stone and a detailed description of its quality and characteristics.